Barcelona: Where Ancient meets Modernist

The tiny, winding, dark streets, grand, tree-lined paseos and intimate, ancient squares keep beckoning me back to Barcelona. On every street, around every corner, in every neighborhood, there is a magnificent juxtaposition of old and new, ancient and modern, traditional and cutting edge. This is a city and people that both celebrate and are inspired by their rich heritage. Barcelona is a city and people that inspire its visitors to celebrate and become immersed in its rich heritage.

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Barcelona: Outings

You don’t need to go to a museum to get your filling of art and culture in Barcelona. Amazing graffiti is everywhere and is taken to new levels. The building facades are colorfully painted and feature unusual doors and windows. Look down and the sewerage and water grates contain a decorative element. Look up and down, to your left and right, beauty is all around in Barcelona.

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Barcelona: Eating

There is something about the food in Barcelona that just makes me feel good – good in the sense of comfort food. Even at the most sophisticated restaurants, there is quality that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. This should not be misconstrued to sound like I am comparing the food in Barcelona to American comfort food, which can be stodgy and heavy. To the contrary, the food experience in Barcelona is fresh and beguiling with flavors being the main headline. The key example of that it Pa amb Tomàquet, bread with tomato, garlic, olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.

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Barcelona: 1wrongturn

I am one who loves to peer into little gardens behind gates and discover a small pocket park where I can rest my feet or have a picnic. I am always on the lookout for tiny squares where locals are relaxing and talking with one another.
Barcelona’s Hidden Courtyards is a great article that identifies some great parks and courtyards to explore in the Eixample neighborhood and provides links to some other ways to explore the neighborhoods. I highly recommend that you read this article. It will inspire you to take 1wrongturn.

El Quim 2Sometimes the best wrong turns are not physical but virtual. I cam across the following websites that provide great suggestions places that you would find only by taking wrong turns. Check them out!

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