Houston: Not the city you think it is.

If you are like most people I know who have never been to Houston, you have a pre-conceived notion that Houston is strictly highways, cars, towering buildings, and the Galleria.  Well, I am here to tell you that you need to put those negative thoughts on the shelf and spend a few days in Houston.

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Houston: Eating

Eating in Houston is as diverse as its population.  Everything from high-end cuisine to the tiny taqueria that my husband and I would stop in after dropping our daughter off at school.  We were intrigued by the line that wrapped around the corner.  When we finally stopped for our first morning taco, we understood why people were waiting to eat.  I WISH I had the name of this place.  I think it has been torn down:(

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Houston: Outings

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Let’s start with Houston’s art scene.  Houston’s citizens support the arts and it shows.  Just visit the Houston Museum District’s website and you will discover a plethora of museum experiences that span from Byzantine to Contemporary, history to weather, historic gardens or homes made out of beer cans.  You could spend your entire weekend just looking at amazing and interesting art!   Houston Museum District is a great website that is well organized and up-to-date.

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Houston: 1wrongturn

This 1wrongturn takes a car.  It is also part of my family history.  I am as strong believer in short side-trips to explore the smaller towns and surrounding areas.  I am always pleasantly surprised by my findings.  This 1wrongturn is the town of Rosenberg, Texas. Rosenberg is on U.S. Highway 59,  twenty-eight miles southwest of downtown Houston in central Fort Bend County. The area was originally settled around 1823.   Today, it is a sleepy town with antique shops, little restaurants, and small businesses.  When you visit Rosenberg, you feel like you have stepped back in time.

While we were there, we ate a great hole-in-the-wall called Taqueria Leon.  We ate great enchiladas, pupusa, and munched on delicious pastries, all washed down with tamarind soda.  YUUUUUUM!  There is no website but here are a few comments on Chowhound.  If you want to see the city, take a look at these Rosenberg videos.

Partly because it is a neat little town and partly because it is where my family settled in Texas, I recommend that you take 1wrongturn and visit Rosenberg.

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